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Our basic single course package includes full access to one course and grading & support from a qualified instructor. Transcripts are issues after completing the course, and additional transcripts may be requested at any time.

Single Course- Basic

  • Want to learn more about the schools offering single courses for elementary school? Check out the details below!

    • The first school in the Pangea Group, the Pinnacle Academy offers both single course and full-time enrollment programs to K-12 students across the globe!
    • The Proton School is a K-12 private school which offers students a STEM-focused curriculum. Though its curriculum certainly explores all realms of study, it focuses on a vital selection of subject which will shape the world's future - STEM subjects.
  • Our course content (excluding assessments) is offered under a CC BY-NC-SA license. This means that, with attribution, the content used in our courses may be used so long as its use is non-commercial and it is shared under the same license under which it was previously shared. As such, by purchasing a single course from us, you are paying solely for the use of our platform, the use of our assessments, the instructional services we provide, and the transcripts we issue following the completion of a course.

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